Elephant Alphabet – F is for Food

August 19, 2011

F – Food

F is for Food (calf picks up branch)

F is for Food

F is for Food (calf throws branch over shoulder)

F is for Food

F is for Food (calf nursing)

F is for Food

Elephants spend majority of their time eating. They are herbivores and usually browse on leaves, shrubs, and bark. They can also eat grass, herbs, and even sticks. Only 40% of their food gets digested, so they eat alot. Elephants may also paw at dirt and eat it to get salt and minerals.

The calves can be seen eating adult feces, which contains beneficial intestinal fauna. Elephants only sleep about 3-5 hours in the very early morning. The rest of the time, adults in particular, are mainly feeding.

At the San Diego Safari Park, the elephants love alfalfa-based pellets. Calves don’t seem to favor eating browse (various leafy branches) but will pick up the branches to try out their trunk muscles.


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