Elephant Alphabet – W is for Why

December 30, 2011

I fell in love with elephants some time before starting on this project. As a result, it’s hard to follow some of their stories and then hear of individuals passing (like Mumbushi, Sasab, Loisaba, Umoya). It’s difficult to understand why nature takes some seemingly before it’s their right time. There is limited comfort knowing that some orphans were spared harsh deaths by either starvation or being eaten by wilder animals, and at least spent days or years in the care of loving keepers and their own kind (other orphaned elephants). For Umoya, at least she was spared from death by shooting, and lived some peaceful years. But since for the par, elephants seem relatively gentle creatures (except for the males largely), it seems they ought to be granted the civility of dying peacefully and naturally.

These are trends causing stress on elephant populations, making some species endangered:

  1. Poaching
  2. Global warming/drought
  3. Human population growth; overlapping land use

These are a few recent stories about the effects of poaching and human encroachment on migration paths:


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