Elephant Art History 1

The big tuskers liked to rest their trunks on their tusks.

Elephant Art History II

Pablo preferred to make funny faces with his tusks.


This is one of the three giant pandas at the San Diego Zoo. It is probably Bai Yun but I’m still learning how to tell the pandas apart. This panda favors reclining on its back while feasting on bamboo. Often the pandas are closing their eyes while eating. They really love their bamboo, sometimes holding it in both forepaws and even a hindpaw.

Little Neepo is the youngest calf at San Diego Safari Park. He is pretty notorious however. His favorite past-time is climbing all over any calf who is lying down, presumably trying to nap. Little Neepo has a lot of chutzpah for being a 7-month old calf.

Neepo - elephant calf

Little Neepo’s bravado